Concept Stories

Boxpark, London

Boxpark is a pop-up store located in Shoreditch, East London.

It will be open for the next 4 years and it is the brainchild of founder and CEO Roger Wade, who established it in 2011.

Boxpark is built of low-cost and low-risk shipping containers allocated to emerging labels, galleries, café and lifestyle brands such as Nike, Vans or The North Face.

It is a sustainable and dynamic project that has given life to a unique shopping and dining destination.


✰ Personal Impressions:

I am fascinated by the innovative and high-design concept lying behind Boxpark.

Check out: Marimekko, Wandering Minds, Sparks and Tush und Egon. Stop by at Milk Tea and Pearl on a warm summer afternoon.

Anthropologie at Chelsea Market, NYC


This store has what I like to call an aery atmosphere.

The space is wide and enlighted by big windows, the floor is made of wooden panels and the overall design gives a sensation of lightness.


The clothes and accessories have a bohemian vibe and recall Isabel Marant’s style: French chicness mixed with ethnic prints.


Cute cards and small paper gifts, glass cases displaying handcrafted jewellery and home items in pastel shades complete Anthropologie's offer and the store's own fragrance and background music make it the perfect destination for a relaxing shopping afternoon.


#Conspiracy: Romania, a surprise


Disclaimer: I was hung over and sleep depraved when I wrote this at Bucharest Airport. But I just re-read and I still agree. :)

Romanian Flag

I just spent 10 days in Romania. There was not a specific reason why I went, it was just a country that I have never visited so I booked a flight. A friend…

Artists and Fleas at Chelsea Market - NYC

I have recently discovered the lovely Artists and Fleas pop-up while wandering around in Chelsea.

Here artists, emerging designers and vintage clothing sellers can display their treasures in what looks like the interior of an old factory: flirty frocks, sequined vintage dresses, affordable furs from the 50s but also jewellery or old vinyls.

The vendors’ attitude is informal and they are willing to get in touch with curious visitors.

Find more on:


Personal Impressions:

Perfect for cheap but quality finds and unique gifts.

Carturesti, Bucharest


This has to be one of my favourite places in Bucharest.

Once the house of painter Arthur Verona, the beautiful building on Strada Verona is now one of the most up-to-date bookshops in the Romanian capital.

Here you will find a wide choice of books, films and the latest cd releases but also stationery, cards or Moleskine planners.

The interior design of the house has not been radically changed so the parquet floor, inlaid walls and fireplace preserve a charming traditional vibe.

The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing as jazz music plays on.


Everything is taken care of down to the finest detail, making you want to discover every single corner of this special bookshop.

Loyal customers as well as passers-by are invited to take a seat and leaf through their favourite book, perhaps in a hard-cover special edition, on the first floor of the house.


Here is also where comes the icing on the cake: a fine selection of teas coming from all over the world as well as colourful teacups, jars of jam and hand crafted chocolate bars.


Art exhibitions, book presentations, concerts and gourmet tastings are held within the bookshop as well.

The adjacent Café Verona and its lovely garden are another reason why Carturesti Verona should be on your list of go-to spots while in Bucharest. The courtyard is a true natural oasis in the middle of the city, a cool place where to chill out during the hot summer nights.



Personal Impressions:

I am in love with every single aspect of this bookshop: from the architecture of the building to the selection of music, the smell of paper and the sound of wood panels crunching under my feet.

Café Verona is a heavenly spot where to enjoy nice drinks, try its cuisine and meet interesting young people.

In a word, Carturesti has it all.

High Tech, Milan

It is very difficult to describe High Tech, located in Piazza XXV Aprile and very close to Corso Como, Milan: shop, emporium, concept store?

What is certain is that here you will find a bit of everything. In fact, this is the right place where to look for an interesting gift idea or for a unique and fun accessory for your house.


As soon as you enter, you will be surrounded by candles, scented oils, stationery and all kinds of small objects you will absolutely “feel the need” to buy (even if not necessarily useful).

In the adjacent rooms you will find special furniture, branded bathroom and kitchen items (Alessi, Kartell) or technological gadgets, all sporting a specific ”design” trait.

But also big capital letters made of metal foils, garden gnomes or accessories for your pet.


Hight Tech is in fact Cargo's showroom, so if you are willing to discover more head for this bigger store located in Via Meucci.


Personal Impressions:

Lovely space where to find truly different items.

Prices are quite high though, so be prepared to open your wallet for that small gadget adding a funny detail to your home furniture.

Boom & Mellow, Dubai


This lovely little shop is located inside the huge Mall of the Emirates in Dubai and, even if it is not a concept store, I liked it so much that I had to feature it on my blog.

The shop window’s golden frame, the chandelier and the ornate tables and display cases create the perfect “1001 Arabic Nights” atmosphere.


Here you will find fine jewellery by Alexis Bittar as well as all types of fun accessories ranging from bags, bracelets, scarves, hats or clutches.

Shourouk, Anton Heunis, Leitmotiv or Deux Lux are just some of the brands carried by this exquisite boutique.





Hobirama, Bucharest

There is a small and dainty shop inside the historic Hanul cu Tei on Lipscani Street: Hobirama.


The interior design has a charming retró vibe: everything is painted in relaxing pastel shades and the flowers on the wallpaper add a feminine touch.

The chandelier, the light curtains and the old flatiron placed on the central table help to create the shop’s vintage atmosphere.


Here you will find oversize bags by Wig Anthology or Saisei, simple yet graceful pieces of jewellery, graphic t-shirts and a selection of edgy pieces by Barbara I Gongini or Masnada.

And, last but not least, the soft and colourful ballet-inspired shoes by Italian brand Anniel.




Personal Impressions:

This is the right place to discover if you are looking for something really different.

Plus, the beauty of the surrounding neighbourhood is worth enough the search.

I am a big fan of Anniel shoes (I would probably have a pair in every shade and material, if I could) so I warmly recommend this discrete and chic place!

La Basilica Galeria, Barcelona

If you happen to wander around the narrow and picturesque streets of Barcelona, you absolutely have to discover a dreamy jewellery shop near to the Catedrál: La Basilica Galeria.

A charming feminine statue covered in red rose bulbs and Swarovski crystals is the first thing that welcomes you and catches your attention. A wolf is placed right next to her, reminding you of the “Little Red Riding Hood” tale.

The floor is covered with rose petals and the eyes are unable to choose where to look first as antique display cases are full of unique and fun pieces of jewellery.

Here plastic cockroaches come together to form creepy necklaces and earrings come in the shape of miniature bags of oranges.

A mix of precious stones, flowers, painted ceramic pieces, different shapes and characters give life to accessories that will surely not pass unnoticed.

This magic place makes you feel as if living in a fairy tale, even just for a moment.


Personal Impressions:

If you have the chance to come to Barcelona, entering this shop might be as rewarding as visiting a museum: its pieces of jewellery are so beautifully crafted that they truly are oeuvres d’art.

The prices are of course quite high, but the quality and uniqueness are defintely worth the expense.

Entrance Shop, Bucharest

The recently refurbished shop is one of a kind: carrying brands such as Comme des Garçons, Rick Owens or Giuliano Fujiwara, it stands apart from the other Bucharest based fashion stores.

Brainchild of the architecture, interiors and product design studio Square One                        ( ), Entrance Shop welcomes its clients in a visionary décor made of artsy installations.

The mix between niche, international labels and emerging local brands like Pas du Tout ( ), together with the store’s dark, essential and modern interior design make it a unique shopping destination in the Romanian increasingly cool capital.


Personal Impressions:

No, you are not in Antwerp nor in Stockholm but in Bucharest!

Check out this über-cool store’s selection of somber brands and its gloomy yet fascinating interior design.